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a fellow Browncoat
3 March 1987
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I'm caucasian with a hint of brown....

My fandom changes very often and I enjoy doodling on whatever I can get my hands on. Cant go anywhere without my notebook and pen. Deodorant is very useful.

humor is love
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Quotes to live by:

“Your mom is a witch. I don't mean that she's, you know, ugly-she's that too. I mean that she literally FUCKS THE DEVIL. You are the rotten fruit of that evil union”

“Ian Mckellen cigarettes. Putting the poof back in puff!”

“You don’t put pastry over chili con carne!”

“Have sex with an aardvark…I would do it”

“Our bottle has prostrate cancer”

“Luke, I am your father”


“Hurt me Hunter! Make me BLEEEED!”

“I’m just looking for that moment to drop my Jedi knickers and pull out my real lightsaber”

“I want whiskey and a peach”

“Sex is like pissing, people take it MUCH too seriously”

fireworks are love
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